Early summer flowers

Date: 2016-06-15
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The hot summer comes, and the garden plants of the 3H Summer Palace are less well managed.

One day in the evening, and it was time to do the gardening, and as a therapist, I lead a few elderly people in preparation for soilless culture of plant seeds, this activity at this stage and at the same time exercise elderly hand-eye coordination.

Hong aunt speaks while walking in the garden for me: "xiao Chen, you look at this a few lavender, it worked two days ago, how these two days so I, originally beautiful purple flowers are no longer beautiful, you smell is not sweet".

I looked down at the flower that my aunt was pointing at, and it seemed as if it had rained for a few days before I watered the garden plants. And he said to the aunt, "aunt hong, don't let's watered the garden plants are watered, see I neglected in the past two days, it's my fault, in order to make them look pretty, we give to a big HuanYang, how?"

"Well, well, that would be too bad," said aunt hong.

"Well, then, if you help me to trim these dry leaves, I'll ask you to help me, and then we'll water them together, will you?"

Then I'll under the joint efforts of several elders and staff, have a clip of withered leaves, have a harvest of fruits and vegetables, have to water the flower feed the fish, the afternoon is more a lot of vitality, a few days later, the cuckoo in the garden is also very happy, elders and looked at his own work achievement, made a merry smile...

Horticultural Therapy (Horticulture Therapy, horticultural Therapy), a kind of auxiliary treatment (occupational Therapy, instead of medical treatment), by the actual contact and gardening materials used, beautify or potted plants and garden maintenance, contact with the natural environment and relieve stress and heart of rehabilitation. The study found that "gardening therapy" can reduce heart rate, improve mood, reduce pain, stimulate the senses, and help with recovery.

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