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Date: 2017-05-20
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The encounter was always unintentional, and this began another fine life.

The fate of each other, so to meet, in this warm and warm second home we began a journey of family and care.

Aunt wang came at the beginning of Saturday, and in this unexpected and wonderful time, we waited for aunt wang to come. I slowly pushed the wheelchair, the nurse to assist the aunt wang that you would step into the room together, just to the room, the nurse busy figure are greeted, are devoting to make the bed and identify the health of the room, and finely footsteps drew her back, "hello, here is ready for you, you can always have a rest." With a warm smile. Aunt wang's son was listening to the nurse's instructions and asked for some daily necessities.

After finishing a few things, the nurse leaned forward and began to ask about the situation of aunt wang and aunt wang. Although have been over the past years, but still look is hale and hearty, we all affectionately call wang aunty, wang yi smile face we say "ah".

The care of the nursing department won the approval of aunt wang, and we are very happy that there is family care and warmth in the home, which is the second home of aunt wang.

Coming to the department of rehabilitation, the special care therapist consulted aunt wang's medical records. After evaluating the aunt wang, we discussed the special rehabilitation treatment that belonged to aunt wang. During the process of rehabilitation, I chatted with aunt wang for the first time. I learned that aunt wang is a retired technician of the space engineering department. Looking back on the past, it is an endless memory, the arduous journey and the success of the joy like the river water in the heart of aunt wang. Remember, you forget one of premier zhou "this is about the people's interests, to be sure that you even forget chairman MAO's grand ambitions" nine days to travel, penta-ocean catch turtle ", shoulder the mission of The Times, you struggle in a line, grasped the nettle and never back. At this time, aunt wang is full of pride! Aunt wang looked at me and said, "you're all right. I love talking to you... ".

Through observation, we found that aunt wang that you would step walking boot is difficult, then communicate with teachers in Hong Kong, after first use to guide treatment, combined with visual feedback after therapy, inside the balance rod made a qualitative leap after familiar with skills training, aunt wang that you would step action faster, more can join our group activities, has become our group activities actively model, in the words of eternal song dan-dan famous is "the guy, Kevin!!!!!! ".

"I feel like I can't live without you... "With a warm smile, we laughed too. Here is the home, feel at home, and there are many can moment with your family, we are here to share the warm care, share the joy of life, here is the home of sharing, love, let us join for a better future.

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