The story of Lord zhuang and the "stupid family"

Date: 2017-09-12
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Grandpa is an artist, sudden stroke him down, action inconvenience with limb pain also let his mood is not stable, often come to the centre, after a slight discomfort will break into a furious rage, after case guide care personnel also understand, the original comes to getting along with the fear of fear, especially center several young colleague is not very adapt.

Once, he's dedicated therapist advised him to a small garden in the sun, the activity, grandpa insist not to zhuang and malicious complaints with the therapist, you happen to meet the dean ward rounds, and three other therapists went to his room, please stand in a row, tell grandpa zhuang: if the therapist's attitude, you are not satisfied with? Grandpa zhuang nodded, and the dean went on to say, "well, now you can pick a therapist and replace the therapist who can't satisfy you." But you have to listen to his advice and make a good recovery, so that your grandson will come to see you at the weekend, and you can go to the garden to see the flowers, don't you! Zhuang's grandson was most loved, but he chose another therapist and agreed to the dean.

In the words of the dean, you can change your temper when you get to this age, and then you are all comfortable with the occasional little mood of the elder. The occasional grandfather was not well, and he was not willing to speak, and he was not able to hear his words, but he was worried, until he recovered and spoke loudly.

Some time ago, grandpa zhuang lung infection occurs, turn to the hospital, during this period, family members please protect mingde home endowment of nurse escort to the hospital, xiao zhao she is familiar with grandpa zhuang, in the hospital care, grandpa's illness has been gradually but steadily, zhuang during President also to go to the hospital to visit, to see his grandpa, dean said: grandpa, you idiot to see you, I don't care, fool also doesn't matter, you want to get better faster, center has a group of idiot is still waiting for you, go home quickly come on! Good yao...

Grandpa zhuang shook the hand of the dean, and a little moved to the eyes, just nodded... .

Look at the story of this topic is a fool, have you touched, in a Shared home, although can't replace the first home, but that's it. We provide our elderly with a second home, a warm harbor, only family here, family won't care about each other love, family happiness!

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