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Is there any requirement for age and physical condition? What information should I provide to get in

The central service object is: 60 years old or above (60 years old), with the exception of elderly persons who are not suitable for group living, such as infectious diseases and mental diseases.

Please visit our service building and apply to the staff of the underground reception office for the service and appointment. If you are interested in the service, please submit the service application form first, and then use the centre service if you are qualified by the professional staff assessment and physical proof. (physical examination arrangements and expenses are handled and paid by the applicant.)


A. Please prepare personal items - pyjamas, underwear, slippers, towel toothbrushes and bath products according to the list of check-in items. Do not carry large amounts of cash and valuables. We are not responsible for any loss. Bags, cash, jewelry, watches, portable radios and mobile phones. Please do not place them at will.

B. Please show your id card and other valid certificates to check in.

C. All check-in persons must provide an information of the person over 18 years of age, including name, telephone and id card or other valid documents. The guarantor shall show the original id card or other valid certificate to the hospital for registration.

What free services are available at the summer rehabilitation center? What other paid services are a

A. Fee and payment:

1. The service fee includes the bed, nursing, meals and basic rehabilitation services (excluding disposable consumption items and medical expenses).

2. Before admission to admission, the elderly shall pay a deposit (1).

3. Payment of spare cash (7,000 yuan) for the elderly to be checked in, for the emergency situations such as the purchasing service and emergency payment for medical expenses;

4. Guests or visitors, such as the destruction of the service facilities, must be responsible for the compensation.

5. During the hospital stay, we shall move to other rooms, and the center will charge or refund the difference according to the specific charging standard.

6. All expenses should be paid monthly. Any account must be paid before discharge.

B. diversified value-added services:

1. Reading room: the center provides books on the reading habits of the elderly, as well as the reading rooms of video chat and web surfing.

2. Multi-function hall: equipped with mobile video, projection system, karaoke and multi-function hall for 10 to 15 people and courses. Regularly hold various activities such as art, art, dance, etc.

3. Active fitness room: equipped with professional physical therapy and rehabilitation apparatus, such as: progressive step posture function training equipment, comprehensive electric therapy equipment, passive body trainer, electric enterprise bed, treadmill, etc.

4. Terrace garden: a training ground with lawn ball, chess and green plant therapy area.

5, and rehabilitation services: center of rehabilitation therapists also offer services of elderly one-to-one rehabilitation project, using traditional Chinese and western medicine rehabilitation techniques to provide personalized custom services for the elderly, according to the specific project needs extra charges.

6. Barrier-free transportation service: the center provides services to the elderly without obstacles, such as the need to make an appointment for use, and related costs.

Does the bed have alarm system?

The room is equipped with 24-hour emergency call system and 24-hour service monitoring mechanism.

Staffing at the summer rehabilitation center? Is there a medical service?

Center staffing, care team 1:2 ratio, we hired professional nursing care staff graduated from colleges and universities, to provide office in Hong Kong training, introduction of Hong Kong style service system, all service jobs related certificates and through pre-job training and assessment.

The center relies on the surrounding supporting medical resources: such as the second people's hospital in shenzhen, the hospital of the Chinese hospital in longgang district, and providing timely medical treatment and emergency medical care for the elderly; Other center to hire senior experts, director of the doctors to provide health care services for the elderly, supported by general practitioners, nurses, Kang Fushi, dietitian, professional social workers, the psychological consultants and other professional personnel to cooperate with each other, provide professional the convalescent care services for the elderly.

What facilities are in the room?

The supporting facilities in the room are as follows:

1. Big window view, double layer curtain, can block the sunlight, can not hinder the appreciation of the landscape outside.

2. Private toilet and bathroom (equipped with safety protection arm and emergency call device).

3. LCD TV and cable TV.

4. Free wi-fi.

5. Round-the-clock thermostatic air conditioning.

6. The whole house should enjoy the import of old furniture.

7. 24-hour emergency call system.

8. Barrier-free bedroom environment.

Advantages of the summer rehabilitation center?

1. Star living environment, professional nursing equipment and risk control mechanism of international safety standard.

2. The leading nursing mode, the combination of medical care, the professional nursing team to implement the case manager management system (CPI), continuously optimize the service, considerate and caring.

3. It is in the home of the city, which is located in the mature community of the city center and the unique multi-sensory and horticultural treatment environment, and strengthens the sense of belonging of the elderly.

4. Professional rehabilitation services, to postpone the decline of the elderly bodily function, to maintain partial self-care ability and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

5. Professional social workers provide psychological comfort for the elderly, and organize volunteers and social groups to build the activities of love.

6. Enjoy the hong kong-style service mode, the professional pension service system guarantee, family trust, peace and reassurance.

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