We will implement the measures for the administration of old-age institutions

Date: 2013-11-29
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In recent years, some cities or regions have begun to implement the registration management methods of pension institutions. In September 2012, Qingdao city civil affairs bureau issued "endowment service level management method", "management measures"), in the first pension agency review star, regardless of the government or private pension institutions can be voluntary application for rating. Measures for the administration of from one to five star, according to different star-level standard from the beds, the rate, bedroom area and indoor configuration Settings, rehabilitation, medical care, public area, management system, personnel, catering services and operation situation of star endowment institutions are the rules. At the same time, the organization, implementation procedure and evaluation results of the grade assessment are provided.

Also, Beijing as early as in 2011 to develop and try out the similar "Beijing endowment institutions" division and assessing star-level service quality standards, and the Shanghai pudong new area since 2011, spearheaded the endowment agencies in the city star (rank) evaluation work. Look from content, evaluation method of these cities has its place, such as the measures for the management of Qingdao is not only the hardware specification request, pay more attention to pension agency services and the construction of the management system and execution. A particular focus on medical and health services, not only to the three-star and above the clinic within the institutions requires independent and rehabilitation activity room, agency requirements for four-star and five-star routinization and personalized services, such as a five-star standard proposed to have specific rehabilitation therapy in patients with alzheimer's disease and assess the records, and require active psychological consultant to understand the old man's psychological demand, etc.

However, from the perspective of encouraging institutions to participate and further promoting the standardization of industry construction, there are still many problems to be solved. First of all, it is necessary to solve the problem of the participation of private institutions. In Beijing, the pension service agencies of the city have to pay tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. In addition to the financial subsidy, the Shanghai pudong new area will give priority to these star pension institutions for projects and funds that will fund and encourage the development of pension institutions. But these to enhance the role of the private enterprises enthusiasm is limited, especially whether the pros and cons of the nursing home are starting from the lowest star rating, instead of some positioning high-end pension mechanism play a negative role. Nevertheless, we have seen that governments around the world have begun to combine the strength of industry associations to develop strategies for standardizing the standardized management of their pension institutions. Such practices are similar to those of third-party certifications that are involved by industry institutions abroad. More importantly, the government's non-enforceable pilots could be turned into mandatory market regulations, such as charging for future pension services. Investors need to consider similar local rules.

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