Guidelines on strengthening standardized work for elderly care services

Date: 2012-12-06
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Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government department (bureau) is the competent department of commerce, bureau of quality and technical supervision, and aging, the cities under separate state planning bureau of civil affairs departments of commercial administration, quality and technical supervision, and aging, the civil affairs bureau of xinjiang production and construction corps departments of commercial administration, quality and technical supervision, and aging:

In recent years, actively promote around the implementation of the social endowment service system construction plan (2011-2015) "(countries do hair [2011] no. 60) and the social management and public service standardization" twelfth five-year "action guidelines (national standard committee service al [2012] 47), active implementation of the standardization work in the areas of pension service, perfecting market norms, promoting the healthy development of the pension services. However, the standard system of pension service is not perfect, and there are still problems in market service behavior. To earnestly implement the protection of the elderly rights and interests of the People's Republic of China "(hereinafter referred to as" the protection of old people's rights) the provisions of the standard about establishing and perfecting the endowment services, to better implement the state council on accelerating the development of pension services of several opinions (guo fa [2013] no. 35) requirements, give full play to the standardization of technical support for the development of pension services, actively create a safe, convenient, good faith endowment service consumption environment, we put forward the following opinions:

First, to fully understand the importance of strengthening standardization of old-age services

At present, China has entered the stage of rapid aging of population aging, and the demand for old-age services is growing rapidly and the consumer market for pension services needs to be booming. Industry standards and market norms are important cornerstones for advancing old-age service work, which is the criterion and basis for better providing old service and strengthening industry management. To speed up the industry standardization construction bears on the immediate interests of the healthy development of the industry and the vast majority of the elderly, is the relationship between pension service industry for the development of a long-term, fundamental, strategic project, is to carry out "the protection of old people's rights, an important content of" pension agency management method ", is protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly and the inevitable requirement of share the reform development achievement. Relevant departments at all levels to the standardized construction as the innovation of social management, and actively deal with important aspects of the aging of the population, to further raise awareness, attaches great importance to strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, take effective measures, stepped up efforts to make perfect the old-age service standards, to carry out the service quality evaluation and service behavior regulation, improve the market regulation, promote the development of pension services standardization and normalization.

2. General requirements

(1) guiding ideology. In the spirit of the third plenary session of the eighteenth big, 18 for, proceeding from its national conditions, give play to the role of government guidance, strengthen the consciousness of the industry standardization, standardization, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all aspects, jointly participate in standardization work. Market oriented, to better meet the increasing service needs of the elderly as the starting point and the foothold, adhere to independent innovation, fully implement the technical standard strategy. We will work to standardize market practices, upgrade the overall level of the old-age service industry and integrate competitiveness, and promote the scientific development of the service sector.

(ii) basic principles.

Stick to government guidance. Relevant departments at all levels should strengthen macro guidance and policy coordination, strengthen guidance and support, promote the planning for the construction of old-age service standardization, strengthen the standard research, and publicity and implement, and revising endowment service standards promote widely Shared in the whole society and the general implementation. We will actively promote standardization pilot demonstration work and play a leading role in standardizing work.

Stick to the point. In order to meet the needs of the elderly and guarantee their legitimate rights and interests, we should focus on the integration and coordination of the standardization of old-age care services. Must strengthen the basic universal standard research, formulate and implement the elderly service needs assessment, service priority specification, service quality satisfaction assessment, quality of service, supervision and evaluation, pension service security management standards.

Stick to market orientation. To keep a close contact with the market, industry characteristics, reflect the pension services market demand and changes in time, strengthen the standard market applicability, better provide service for pension services market main body, to provide technical support to market access and standardize market order. We should give full play to the positive role of enterprises and industry organizations in standard demand, input, formulation and application, support enterprises to strengthen standardization, and encourage enterprises to set standards for the alliance.

Stick to practical results. Adhere to standard implementation and standardize market behavior, improve service quality level, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of senior citizens, service providers and consumers. To perfect the standard evaluation system, through the evaluation of the implementation effect, the method experience of the implementation standard is constantly summarized. In order to establish the product service brand and improve service quality satisfaction as an important measure of the implementation effect, we will guide the development of service industry towards standardization, optimization and branding.

(iii) overall objectives. Built by 2020, basic covers pension based universal standard service, institutions, home, community endowment service standard, management standards and support security standards, and standards for the old products, state, local, industry and enterprise standard of corresponding, comprehensive, focused, reasonable structure of pension service standard system; To form a standardized construction work pattern for old-age services; The standard formulation, implementation and supervision levels have been significantly improved; Standardization pilot demonstration work gradually perfect and professional talent team construction, remarkable increase of industry standardization and normalization, safety, convenience, good faith formation basic pension service consumer market environment.

Iii. Main tasks

We will accelerate the improvement of the standard system for pension services. Stepped up efforts to improve including pension service based universal standard, service skills, service management standard, home endowment service standards, community endowment service standard, older product supplies, such as pension service standard system. In terms of basic general standard, we should speed up the development of the standard of classification and naming of pension institutions, basic terminology of old-age service and graphic symbol of old-age service. In terms of the management services of the old-age institutions, the standards such as the provision of facilities for pension facilities and the standard of service quality control of medical institutions in the old-age institutions are intensified. In terms of community old-age service, the basic norms of community old-age care services and the basic standards for the service of elderly care centers in the community are intensified. We will actively study and formulate standards for home care services. In terms of the construction of professional talents for old-age services, the basic requirements of the old-age service workers and the professional training standards of the old-age service staff are intensified. To study and formulate relevant standards for the informatization of pension service. Establish and improve the standards for the products of the elderly, and clear the classification of the old products industry. According to the old-age service standards and work plan, according to the measures for the administration of the national standard, the relevant provisions of the "measures for the management of the industry standard" and so on, seriously do a good job standard drafting, review, etc. We should strengthen coordination and guidance on the standardization of old-age services, establish a local standard information delivery system, and support local standards to rise or translate to national or industrial standards.

(2) strengthen standardization of old-age services. Actively formulate pension services standardization construction planning, the thorough analysis and research endowment services national standards, industry standards, as well as the present situation and problems of the local standard and so on, further defined pension service standard in the positioning and role of the service standards of the state system, determine the advance endowment services standardization construction goal, task and measures for its implementation. We should strengthen the basic research and preliminary study of the standard of the service industry, and strengthen the application of standardized results in information communication technology and high-tech services in the old-age service and products. We will keep track of relevant technical regulations and standards in foreign countries, promote standardization of scientific research, and realize the standardized development of the old-age service industry.

(iii) implementation of the standard of care for the elderly. To actively explore standard propaganda to carry out the new way and new method, through training, a variety of forms such as BBS, lectures, exhibitions, increase endowment service standardization work of propaganda, strive to make endowment service standards in the industry management and service of each link, improve the industry standard consciousness. To continue to intensify propaganda published standards to carry out, implement good basic specification for pension institution, capability assessment in the elderly and other standards, and endowment caregivers and other national vocational skills standard. Adjust and revise the standards that are not applicable to the actual work, and enhance the applicability and effectiveness of the standard.

(4) to promote standardized management of old-age services. To seriously implement the "the protection of old people's rights on establishing and perfecting the classification management of pension and the pension service evaluation system requirements, according to the ministry of civil affairs on civil affairs within the scope of pushing the construction of standardization management program (try out)" (no. 86 [2010] of the state) and the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine national standards committee on enhancing service quality standardization work guidance "(no. 546 [2013] of the quality inspection standard al) requirements, actively promote pension services standardization management. We will step up efforts to formulate and implement standards for the classification and evaluation of pension institutions, quality assessment of old-age care services, and grade assessment, as well as the promotion of grade assessment, conformity assessment and standard demonstration construction. Should, in accordance with requirements of the functional transformation, start the endowment service agencies and organizations of rating as soon as possible, strengthen the third party assessment, establish endowment service evaluation expert database, constantly raise the level of pension body standardization construction. We should draw on the experience of international and other industries and actively carry out the evaluation of service quality satisfaction. Encourage relevant pension institutions to develop quality management system and actively apply for third-party certification to gradually improve the standardization and transparency of internal management. We will carry out accreditation and inspection and testing activities in service units such as pension institutions.

Improve the market order of the old-age service. In order to establish the service agreement system of the pension institution, the rights and obligations relationship between the old-age institutions and the elderly or their agents shall be established, and the service behavior and charging behavior shall be standardized. The departments concerned should further implement the responsibility of the department and implement the daily and standardized management of the old-age service market. Quality and technical supervision departments at all levels to strengthen the construction of old-age service quality system, improve the service quality satisfaction assessment management, promote the quality of service compared to ascend, organization to carry out the "safety, integrity, high quality service" to create activities. Relevant departments at all levels should strengthen coordination and cooperation and establish management mechanisms such as regular consultation and joint law enforcement to form management synergy. We should study concrete implementation measures and management measures, and strive to establish a long-term mechanism for the management of the old-age service market for administrative law enforcement, industry self-discipline, social supervision and participation of the masses.

Fourth, safeguard measures

(I) improve the working mechanism. Pension services standardization involves fields, wide coverage, more in accordance with the relevant legal policy requirements of national standards, give full play to the relevant departments, trade organizations, research institutions and social research strength, establish co-ordinates the work of coordination, broad participation mechanism, normative standard plan project, draft, review and release procedure, as well as open and transparent, coordinated management system. We will further strengthen the construction of professional committees such as the standardization technical committee of the national social welfare service, and improve their standardized work levels. To support and encourage the relevant professional standardization technical committee to cooperate and cooperate closely. To encourage trade organizations, research institutions, pension institutions and related businesses involved in national and industry standards, to form the government, enterprises and institutions, the pattern of social hand in hand to carry out standardization work. The departments concerned should be responsible for their respective functions and responsibilities, further regulate the market order, and intensify the investigation of violations.

(2) promote standardization of pilot work. Earnestly implement the national standards committee departments such as the comprehensive social management and public service standardization pilot regulations (try out) "(national standard committee service al [2013] no. 61), and the state council on accelerating the development of pension services of several opinions of the related requirements of the pilot implementation of comprehensive reform, according to the pilot to demonstrate the work arrangement, solid advance endowment service standardization pilot demonstration building. Win by two to three years, in the field of pension services form a batch of standardized construction of radiation effect and promotion value and pilot demonstration pilot demonstration area agency, provide the experience for reference for advancing a pension services standardization construction and demonstration led. To strengthen investigation and research, timely discover and solve the problems about the pilot work, perfect the relevant measures, summarize and promote pilot typical experience, gradually formed the people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, standardized management, high-quality development of pension services market order, increase the size of the endowment services and benefits.

(3) strengthening personnel and information construction. Around to education training work vigorously developing endowment services standardization, hierarchical culture industry group, pension institutions, pension services, the backbone technical personnel of enterprises, make it become the important force in the standardization work. To focus on the grassroots standardization management, actively organize a group of reasonable structure, the pension service standardization experts and research groups of having both ability and political integrity, talent guarantee for pension services standardization work. To explore establishing standardized information sharing and service mechanism, set up standardized information and working platform of public service, for the relevant departments at all levels, the standardization technology committee, the enterprise and stakeholders provides channels for communication and resource sharing, promote the informatization level of standardization work.

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