Home care vouchers will be widened

Date: 2017-04-22
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Since 2005, shenzhen has launched a home-based pension service, which has been used to monetize family pension funds in some shenzhen residents. In 2009, a pilot reform was carried out to find out that gold was a consumer voucher, which could be used to purchase special services from designated service agencies. In 2010, shenzhen gave 300 yuan to nearly 20,000 elderly people aged 65 or above who were unable to care for themselves.

But a year later, because of "single vouchers service variety, only a maid, massage, etc., and must be specified in the service, but only one of many communities the qualification" wait for a reason, be old people as a "chicken ribs". At the same time, some of the fixed-point service agencies have not been properly operated to provide cash for the elderly, but only 200 yuan of blankets are exchanged.

The deputy director of shenzhen's civil affairs bureau, hou yesha, admitted to the matter. "It's good to have a home care voucher, but it's not allowed to be paid in cash with a pension, and the policy itself needs to be explored."

She says home care for the elderly is eligible, what institutions are not qualified and needs to be further defined. The civil administration has held a number of symposiums on this, and the policy has been decided. "The next step will be a wide range of applications, not just to provide housekeeping services, such as washing feet and sweeping the floor. At the same time, it is clear that the qualifications for home-based care will be more clear, and we will strengthen supervision to ensure that the original design is not distorted.

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