The director of the ministry of civil affairs responded to the incident

Date: 2013-04-22
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Recently, an official of the ministry of civil affairs took a photo of an elderly man in a large city in fengxi city, jiangxi province. Pictures of ten old people squatting on the ground sparked some netizens' criticism. Photos, director-general of the department of the ministry of civil affairs involved social assistance Wang Zhikun has an interview with xinhua news agency said that oneself really took part in the group photo, failed to timely stop in front of the old man squat down pictures, show itself in respect for the elderly and lack of respect, sincere accept criticism.

Zhang xuming, a member of the party team of fengyuan civil affairs bureau in jiangxi province, recalled that the photo circulated online was actually taken by the superior authorities in the investigation of the old courtyard, which was on January 6, 2012. On the same day, the then deputy director general of the ministry of civil affairs social assistance department Wang Zhikun line came to town of feng city merlin yixian investigation research, after the investigation was invited to participate in the discussion of yixian old man took a group photo. Everyone stood up and began to take pictures, and the elderly people who were rehearsing for the Spring Festival gala in the courtyard were asked to join in.

According to the introduction, the field photographer motioned for the old man to be in the front row. The staff considered that the research group should also go to the next site, which was too tight to adjust the station, so it was not prevented.

Wang Zhikun says, oneself really took part in the group photo, failed to prevent squatting in front of the old man take photos, shows itself in respect for the elderly to respect and lack of consciousness, sincerely accept the criticism from all sides, will in future to ring, improve the level of humanized service, do better service for the old work earnestly.

The civil affairs department of jiangxi province said that respecting the old and respecting the old is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, making the elderly happy and happy life is the work objective and direction of the civil affairs department. Appear this situation, we apologize and unease, that means we have part of the field staff awareness of service for the old man has yet to be strengthened, the degree of the humanist service of need to further improve, work in the future, we will pay more attention to details, continuous improvement, to do with the old man for this, further improve the yixian old man support standards, further improve the software and hardware conditions, yixian supervise welcome from all walks of life.

"No time to move a chair" can't stand up to the old crime

"We are old, we are old, we are young and we are young. "Respecting the old and loving the young" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Since entering the kindergarten, the teacher began to instruct the students to "respect the old and love the young". In the face of the elderly man's request for a photo, the official squatted in front of him, citing "no time" to move the stool. Aren't these officials ashamed of their blushing? And in the nursing home? As a social assistance research group, its responsibility is not to investigate the public opinion, to observe the people's feelings and solve problems for the people. Even if I was heading for the next place, was the trip really hard to get through two minutes of photography? I don't think it's the real reason why, as the net friend says, the old man has long been "looked for" and "replaced" by the high attitude of flattery.

In recent years, the old man has fallen into the ground or a pedestrian, and the good Samaritan has been taken up as the perpetrator. The small yueyue incident is the best example of the fact that many people are no longer able to help others or help others easily because of the warning and the protection of their rationality. Gradually, people's awareness of "respecting the old and loving the young" became weak, even when visiting the old people in the nursing home, it was more a walk, a show, not from the heart; Or is it in the form, and does not really care about old people, solve the old people's needs. Such as the annual "LeiFengYue", waves of volunteers to nursing homes to visit the old man, to help the old man nails trimmed, shampoo, hair, bath, the end of the day a lot of the old man is going to be several times the head and bath, cut nails several times, truly, truly, not only failed to help the old man, but let the old man is too much for the body, very tired. Many officials, however, are happy about it, because it is a quick way to build a "populist" image.

The ministry of civil affairs officials like in the photo of the intention, also may be to walk the route of "populist", reflect their respect, but officials to let the old man squatted to pose for move is self-defeating. If really care about the old man, won't appear many old man squat down to a photo, for not buying online, jiangxi feng city civil affairs bureau will not "no time" so lame excuse to argue for themselves. Apparently, "no time" can't afford officials to overlook the old man's SINS and can't afford to carry the "black pot".

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