Shenzhen will fully cover the community home care service in 2015

Date: 2015-12-10
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Community home care services are covered in three years

The relevant guidance of the old-age service will be released around New Year's day

In 2015, shenzhen will be the basic formation on the basis of that occupy the home, community based, institutions to support the family endowment, 6% of the elderly community endowment, 4% of the old institution endowment) social endowment service system, realized each thousands of household register the elderly pension beds to 45, home and community endowment service network coverage rate of 100%.

There are 1,500 people waiting in line

Reporters noted that the government project to reply to the National People's Congress will from four aspects to promote, one is to strengthen the top of the social endowment service system design, the second is to speed up the social endowment service of hardware facilities, 3 it is to improve and develop a series of social pension services, four is to establish a scientific system of assessment and supporting the elderly.

The luohu district welfare center, deputy director of the Yang Wei also feel hope the development of the endowment, as a senior institutions endowment the personage inside course of study, she suggested that can't count on the government, should let the whole society to participate. "The maximum number of beds at luohu welfare center is 1,500, with up to 7,000 elderly people waiting in Beijing. It is said that it will take 20 years to get into the nursing home, indicating that the demand is very high."

According to Yang, about 30 percent of people over 80 need long-term care, compared with about 50 percent for people aged 85 to 90, and nearly 100 percent for those over 90. More than 80 percent of people aged 90 and over need to be fed. The elderly are expected to account for more than 35 percent of society in 30 years.

Home care will become the main mode of old-age care

In the future pension model, hou said, in situ endowment, home care will become the important mode of endowment. "Because the old man used to own life environment, or a family atmosphere, even 10-20 years before pushing overseas institutions endowment, but also over the past few years have reached a 'or house good consensus."

Ms. Hou stressed that this home care and traditional concept of home care is not a concept. It mainly refers to the old-age care service, including medical, mental, psychological, domestic service and other service teams, professionals and projects around the elderly. People are home, but services come from outside.

"The government pension system is a bottom-pocket, heavy security and extensive coverage, but it does not represent the entire pension industry. Industry is the market, the government should leave room for the market." Yang wei believes that the old-age pension service in the government is the middle and lower level pension service to guarantee the survival needs. And the industry is for the middle and upper middle aged service, should expand the market competition, introduce the pension institution that compares high-grade service.

"Civil administration trying to land, social insurance, taxes, talent cultivation and qualification, the establishment of compensation system, and do some original endowment service equalization policy not involved in advance and innovation." Ms. Hou said that shenzhen pension has had guidance and has been mature for two to three years.

"This is very reasonable layout, (government) out of quite a few, there are about hundred field (used to build the government pension agency), basic covering every area, in the city did a balanced layout. Moreover, professional personnel have been on-site to verify that the planning land can be determined and guaranteed. Next, shenzhen will attract social capital investment in the construction of old-age hardware, and the evaluation and regulatory system will continue to work, she said. "We will continue to report to the NPC in the next two to three years."

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