Wuhan has taken the lead in carrying out a comprehensive pension survey nationwide

Date: 2014-12-14
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Yesterday, the city's civil affairs bureau learned that the city's first survey of elderly people aged 65 and older was completed. According to the survey, 84.7 percent of the elderly choose to live in the home. Wuhan currently has a population of 827.24 million. The city has 580,000 people over the age of 65, accounting for about 7% of the city's population. In late February, wuhan issued 650,000 questionnaires and collected 450,000 copies. The questionnaire contains 39 questions including "basic situation of the elderly", "choice of old-age care mode" and "basic service needs of the elderly".

Nearly 60% of old people are underfunded

The basic situation of the over-65s who participated in this survey was 54.4 percent of women, 81.2 percent of those who were able to self-care, and 2.5 percent who could not care for themselves. 33.2 percent were empty nesters and the elderly alone, accounting for 60.2 percent of their children.

According to statistics from 17 districts, the largest number of people over 65 years old in wuchang area was 83,075. The least is the east lake scenic area, which is 2515 people.

Zhang juxiang, 75, a resident of wuchang's yellow crane street, was in an accident five years ago because of a car accident. She wanted to stay in the orphanage a few years ago. Zhang said her monthly pension has now risen to 1,500 yuan, but she has been linked to a number of welfare agencies, bed, care and medical expenses, with a minimum of 1,700 yuan per month. A similar situation is common in wuhan.

Statistics show that the old people's retirement income is low, of which 57.2 percent of the elderly people are retired with a retirement income of RMB 1,700 yuan/month, and the elderly who have retired monthly income of less than 1,000 yuan account for 11.6 percent, while the above 2,500 yuan account for only 12.5 percent.

84.7 percent of the elderly choose to live in the home

In the questionnaire survey, 84.7 percent of the elderly chose to live in the home, while the number of elderly people who chose institutions for the elderly only made up 2.9 percent. The reason for this is that 80.3% of the elderly are reluctant to leave the living environment, and 7.3% of the elderly are not allowed to retire because of their own economic condition.

Yesterday, the reporter visited five people between the ages of 68 and 74 in the eastern community of the river bank in the river bank. Their common characteristic is that they are not willing to enter the welfare institution.

Mr. Zhang, 72, has a pension of more than 4,000 yuan, living with his son, a family of five, and living his life in his later years. Zhang said that he and his wife had a division of labor, and he was responsible for picking up and picking up the grandchildren and the children. "We also calculate the surplus heat, the children also relax, the family is happy, this is the main reason why we choose the home for the elderly."

Thirty percent of the elderly do not understand community care

According to the survey, 48.5% of the elderly in 10 minutes can go to the community home endowment service center, only 17.4% of the old man was a frequent visitor to community home endowment service center, 36% of elderly people occasionally go to the community home endowment service center, there are 31.7% of the elderly to community home endowment service center basic don't understand.

"Such an investigation will make us feel more of a burden on our shoulders, and will increase the input and publicity of community home care service centers." A similar questionnaire will be organized in the future, said the head of the civil affairs bureau's welfare department.

The civil affairs department has promised to improve the function of community pension and home-based care services from seven aspects. This year, the city has made it clear that it will build a "one-key" system in 1117 communities this year. By the end of September, the "one-key" information service terminal was distributed to the elderly with demand. At that time, each community service station will have a "old-age service" window, and the community "one-click" system will be manned 24 hours.

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Home retirement is 60 percent "living with the younger generation"

[data] the number of people aged 65 to 75 is over 260,000.

Wuhan one mother-in-law, 21,000 yuan buy "stage bed"

Statistics show that the number of elderly people aged 65 to 75 in our city is the largest, with over 260,000 people, accounting for nearly 60% of the total. This means that after 10 years, the peak will be shifted, and the number of older people aged 75 to 85 will increase substantially.

"This is going to be a tough test," said the head of the civil affairs bureau, who said the number of elderly people who needed to stay in nursing homes would increase. When the real estate industry is hot, the developer came up with the idea of "period room", unexpectedly in the endowment, unexpectedly appeared "stage bed". In the interview, the reporter found that a lot of old people have misgivings about "a bed is difficult to seek". "What if there are more old people and more beds for nursing homes?"

Yesterday, xiao xiuwen, a 72-year-old woman from the eastern community, told reporters that she went to a nursing home on the edge of east lake and spent $21,000 on a bed.

Ms. Xiao said it was a "big investment" in her life, and she hesitated for a moment, but decided to buy it for the sake of the future. The nursing home will give her 1,600 yuan each year in the first three years as interest, and return it to her in the third year together with the money. The bed will still be able to live when she wants to live in the future, and the cost will be 5% off. With a bed, the stone fell from her heart.

[data] 57.2 per cent of elderly people retire at rmb1,700 per month, while those who retire below 1,000 yuan per month account for 11.6 per cent, while only 12.5 per cent are above 2,500 yuan.

The pension is all paid and still can't afford a nursing home.

"We pressure is really big, eating, dressing is small, old, in the future to see the doctor, hospital is the high cost", who lives in flower bridge village wu, a 66 - year - old dad before retirement is a factory technical personnel, with the engineer's title, but retirement pay is only 1500 yuan, his wife retired wages are lower, 1300 yuan a month.

"Civil servants, institutions of higher wages, the enterprise of the much lower", wu said dad, he and his wife is very worry about the future pension, operation spent 20000 yuan, the year before his eyes and have high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, need to drugs for a long time.

"In the future, will go to live in a nursing home, private do the price will be higher, can't afford to, wants the government to do more public welfare homes", this is daddy wu endowment of anxiety and expectation for the future.

Zhang juxiang, 75, of yellow crane tower, had been trying to get into a welfare home a few years ago because of a car accident, but her pension was still more than 200 yuan, even if it was left to the orphanage. Zhang, who is reluctant to add to her son's burden, said she has a monthly pension of only 1,500 yuan, and she has contacted various welfare agencies, with a minimum of 1, 700 yuan per month for bed, care and medical expenses.

[data] 84.7 percent of the elderly chose to live in the home, while the number of elderly people who chose their institutions for pension was only 2.9 percent. Of the "reasons for choosing a pension", 80.3% of the elderly were reluctant to leave the living environment.

China is still America, and her mother-in-law is struggling

"When you can run, there's no need to go to a nursing home, to be free at home, to be free... If one day life can't be self-care, still will go to a nursing home, now young people live, work pressure is big, we are old don't give a child trouble ".

"It's hard to be home for a few days," said Chen, a resident of wuchang district. Last year, in exchange for a change, she chose an ecological nursing home to live for two months and then moved back home. Eating and living is good, always feel less lively. "When I came back home, I knew a lot of acquaintances, and I was not alone. Some of the neighbors called me to play mahjong," I simmer the soup and wait for you.

Liang's mother-in-law in the qingshan district has the same problem. Two daughters immigrated to the United States, and she also has a green card for her mother-in-law. Now, she is 78 years old, her wife has been dead for many years, and her daughters want to bring her to life in the United States.

"Living in the United States for a year last year, still feel very not adapt to", said liang mother-in-law, environment and living conditions in the United States is not bad, but a stranger, she doesn't understand English, in addition to the family, she can't communicate with people. During the day her daughter's son-in-law worked and her grandson went to school, and she was very bored at home.

See bored during the day, her daughter and thought of looking for a nursing home for her, "if you live in a nursing home, that's really not as good as domestic nursing home?", said liang mother-in-law, at home, old people can live together chat, each other after the Spring Festival, mother-in-law a person back to wuhan, liang saw four or five homes: "both sides each have each good, I also in hesitation".

[data] among the residents of the city, 60% chose to stay with the late generation, while the rest were "empty nests" and "solitary".

The "lotus root" type of old-age pension is popular with old people

Zhang sidou, a 72-year-old man who says he likes to spend his time at home, now lives with his son and family, and he is happiest watching his grandson running around the house every day. The wife is a retired teacher, who can help her grandson learn, she is responsible for the logistics, the son daughter-in-law has no worries, a family of five.

But dad has his own concerns. "He is afraid that he will not be able to move forward," he said. He and his wife will still go to the nursing home, not to cause trouble for their son.

There are also elderly people who refuse to live with their children and feel that it is better for them to live alone. Mr. Tang, a retired employee at the age of 90, is not very well and is usually taken care of by his grandfather. He told reporters that he had four daughters who lived in wuhan and had several times offered to take them together, but he refused.

"They all have their own little home, and they all have grandchildren. It's not convenient to live together in three generations." Grandpa tang and his wife insisted on living by themselves, and asked a maid to help cook the meal.

"We are willing to live apart and there is a generation gap between the two generations," said zhang daxiang, a 67-year-old resident of the eastern community. Son married, buy a room to move out, daughter-in-law do clothing business, noon to go out at night to return, also very different in ideas, habits, living apart is good, the children could take time to come back and visit over the weekend.

[data] 90% of old people are home-based care, but fewer than 80,000 elderly people are regular residents of community home care services.

The delivery service was brought down by a small number of people

What does the community home care center (station) do? What services are available?

Tang Gudun JieJu home endowment service center is set up the earliest in the whole city streets endowment service station, yesterday, secretary Tang Gudun west bridge community Dong Shouzhi tells a reporter, SanSiShiWei old people every day. Older people can read, work out, play CARDS, chat and surf the Internet. "every day except playing CARDS, everyone has to pay 1 yuan for tea, and the rest is free of charge."

One of the findings was unexpected. "At first, we thought the main demand for the elderly was eating and delivering food," said a staff member at the civil affairs bureau.

Tang Gudun JieJu home endowment service center has just opened, for the old man every 6 yuan, hun vegetable collocation lunch, but after a while, just because people eating too little to cancel the service. Many elderly people eat their own meals for decades, preferring to do it themselves, and a six-yuan fee is a stop for the under-paid old man. Not only that, but the delivery of food also made some elderly people feel uneasy. In the interview, zhang danxiang said his own misgivings: "how to define the quality of the delivery? If I order a bowl of hot dry noodles, will I send the CAI Lin or the roadside stall?"

[data] for the basic service requirements of the elderly, the medical consultation was 51.2%, with only 7.3% of meals delivered, 14.6% of domestic services and 20.6% of water and electricity maintenance.

The greatest need is to see the doctor at any time

Since the greatest demand for services is not food delivery, what is it? The answer is medical consultation.

"The old old, hard to avoid have headaches brain hot", the development of community Liu Hanlin said dad, one day in November last year, his wife to go out, oneself a person at home, suddenly feel dizziness, chest tightness, quickly press the "one key" on the red button for help, and struggling to walk to the door opened the door. A few minutes later, 120 ambulances and community staff came and sent his father to a nearby hospital.

"We hope to build a health care unit for the elderly, to conduct regular or irregular visits to the community for the elderly, and to raise the quality of life for the elderly."

In wuhan, women account for 54.4% of the aged 65 and older, and 45.6% of men, and women are ten points higher than men. To this, wuhan university sociology professor, said Zhou Yunqing because of physical, psychological, social, women than men, in the elderly, centenarians, some women are also more common.

"We need to think about how society can serve the elderly, especially the elderly," zhou said, and the government and society are not doing enough. He suggested that early preparations should be made for the establishment of nursing homes, development of old-age care services, as well as the attention of elderly women in the community.

The number of people aged 60 and above in our city is 1.37 million, and according to the statistics of the civil affairs bureau, there are 580,000 people aged 65 and over in the whole city. How is their pension? At the end of February, the city issued a total of 650,000 questionnaires to the elderly aged 65 and older. As of the press release, 450,000 valid questionnaires had been recovered.

According to the survey, the number of people aged 65 to 75 is the largest in our city, which means that after ten years, the peak will be shifted and the pressure will increase in our city.

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