Learning to communicate in Hong Kong has benefited a lot

Date: 2013-11-28
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We continue to learn and grow, and we have begun to learn and communicate in Hong Kong.


Not forgetting the mission, "service community, serve the community", always learn and grow, and our zheng deyan health care center is affiliated to the Hong Kong rehabilitation society. The Hong Kong rehabilitation association was established in 1959 and is a registered charitable organization recognized by Hong Kong. The emblem is the spirit of fire phoenix "rebirth", indicating that people with disabilities can rebuild their lives from disability. Also expressed: vigorous, has the commitment, has the vision spirit.

Hong Kong who will have more than 50 years of service experience, for people with disabilities, people with chronic illnesses and the elderly to provide all kinds of theories and the high quality service, including the barrier-free transportation and tourism, convalescent and continuous care services, and so far, more than more than 90 service users, service people are also more than 9 million. The main services of the rehabilitation care center in zhengde yan day are elderly people suffering from apoplexy and the need for rehabilitation care. In this second home, the therapist will assess, assess, and assess cognitive, physical, daily self-care functions... Will arrange the most reasonable treatment according to the circumstances of the assessment plan and participate in various interest groups, learning motivation between team members, and here's a scenery line, harmonious picture and interest always are filled with all it's... We began our study in Hong Kong.


Family members can enrich their old age, increase their enjoyment of life, feel the joy of life, and share their wonderful stories with other families. This is the professional and protective care I feel, and the feeling of home! My participation in the memory of the group activities and the activities of the mental health group also gave me an Epiphany in the rich family life, and left us with a beautiful and warm picture in a loving heart.

A good organization, must be a willing to learn and change, home of sharing in the everywhere is scenery on the way will be more walk more strong, more and more warm, spread love in the heart.

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