An old friend, the French senate, came to the Summer Palace

Date: 2016-07-06
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On July 6, 2016 afternoon, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress Chen met with in Beijing by the French senate method in friendly group chairman, didier guillaume, led the delegation, and the method (senate) regular exchange mechanism of parliament in the sixth meeting, the main issue covers an aging population and China's market economy status. Since 2012, the shenzhen municipal people's congress to "speed up the development of pension services, constitute a system of social endowment service" as the suggestion, by the municipal government to organize the key to deal with, and by regularly listen to the government work report to handle endowment institutions, organizations, National People's Congress on behalf of the relevant departments and inspecting measures such as follow up overseeing. Under the government's attention, initially formed a set of reflect era characteristics, solving practical problems, with characteristic of shenzhen social endowment policy system, vigorously promote the development of our city pension services.

老有所依 老友所安 法国参议院一行莅临3H颐养复康中心

At 9:30 a.m. on July 7, 2016, the French senate method in friendly group chairman Mr Didier, guillaume led the delegation to visit shenzhen Shared home care services co., LTD., owned by 3 h the convalescent care center (Malaysia) flagship store visit investigation, communication are: accompanied by the foreign affairs committee of the National People's Congress, shenzhen people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the international communication room Cheng Zhijiang MoJianPing director of the office of the foreign affairs committee.

Visit process, Mr Didier, guillaume centers for the elderly to me "day care" and "24 hours continuous care" two core quality service said the highly recognition and praise, and through the ministry of foreign affairs translation judicial article Shi Jingru lady approached us, looking forward to China's old-age service can move towards the world, to France, for France's community endowment service one-stop, the elder to professional, considerate and comfortable pension service benefit more elders.

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