Learn to give, be grateful, and grow fast!

Date: 2014-10-15
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Sharing home, a loving home, a loving and old loving home, because there is always a person who leads this family to change.

Shared house founded in shenzhen central district planning the first "3 h the convalescent care center, gardens" flagship store, and take the lead in the introduction has 50 years of experience in pension and rehabilitation of Hong Kong who will (HKSR) advanced technology management and service mode, according to the international recognition of "elderly service unified evaluation mechanism", is focused on the field of community endowment, rehabilitation, 24-hour continuous around the daytime nursing two core services, and provide for patients with alzheimer's disease (alzheimer's) of horticultural garden, multi-sensory stimulation therapy treatment, to provide comprehensive service platform for the elderly, to let the community elders and their families according to their needs, select the appropriate elderly services.

After more than 20 years of working in the pension industry, she came from Hong Kong to the home of shenzhen. For the family to begin to hold the hearts of dozens of people, everything is not without her figure, to be a byword for her in our mind. She led a group of people with her to support the family of a day, she is our President zhu xiufang, we are all affectionately known as zhu yuan. Little by little, the family is getting warmer, more loving, and more popular. She is a person who makes us love and hate, and is urging us to change ourselves. Sometimes it's a good thing to have a bad feeling about something. What we feel is her rigorous thinking, active thinking, old experience... We like her, she makes us grow faster and more stable! The only thing that is unsatisfactory is not to us, enough, hard! We began to like this one, which is dedicated and enterprising, and she always showed up at the most critical time to solve the problem for the family, and worked hard to support the family. Her busy figure was seared into the heart, a scene, a heartwarming story.

I am glad to be a member of this family, and the family will be better and better, because of her, with us, and with our loving and honorable family. May all the families be happy and happy.

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