The combination of medical care and rehabilitation helps to explore the new mode of medical fusion

Date: 2016-05-19
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In response to a national government policies, actively promote the medical integration project, shenzhen sharing household family endowment service center sets up the infirmary in May 19, 2016, and signed with southern club kang medical cooperation agreement, to establish "as the core, to form a complete set" medical combination of service system, supported by general practitioners, nurses, Kang Fushi, dietitian, professional social workers, the psychological consultant and community volunteer staff to cooperate with each other, and actively carry out medical and health services, for a year, the medical integration project has made substantial progress, joint is the escort of elderly health, work report is as follows:

The gp regularly visits each other weekly to address existing medical problems and regroup through WeChat or phone tracking (illness) to make a seamless connection for 24 hours. Elderly people every day a new situation, nurses in a timely manner by the center and the doctor communication, a doctor in a timely manner to the center to see the elderly, put forward the feasible opinion, timely solve problems, effectively reduce the number of sick elderly service, The Times of hospitalization, effectively strengthen the medical and health service capacity.

1. Establishment of archives: establish archives for the elderly, enter electronic information system, and monitor the diagnosis and vital signs dynamically.

2. Organize the physical examination and arrange the physical examination every year. In 2016, 32 people will have a physical examination, summarize and analyze the results of the medical examination, and refer to the personalized medical and nutrition guidance of the medical examination results.

3, on-site inspection center nurse collection week there is a problem for the elderly, on-site inspection once a week when the concentrated solution, made it in time, timely deal with health problems, effectively control the disease development.

4, specialists in July, 2016 until now, has asked the municipal expert consultation 8 frequency, respectively, two hospital experts: dermatology, director wang old ice regions Liu Yingfang director, director, director of endocrine Chai Jie, sun yat-sen university affiliated hospital experts 8: endocrine Cardiovascular Wu Fensheng Liu Ze yuan, director of the director

5. Timely evaluation of the problems of the elderly in the center and timely referral of outpatient examination or hospitalization should be required to avoid any delay in the delay.

6, actively carry out nursing staff training lecture guidance and technical support work, organized to carry out special training, also specially invited during the sun yat-sen university affiliated hospital endocrine experts Liu Ze 8 yuan, director of the full lecture for the center, to point with surface, to improve the level of medical technology and risk control ability.

医养融合 复康助力 ——探索医养融合新模式


Zhu Shirong

Deputy chief physician

General practitioner

National secondary psychological consultant

Graduated from clinical medical professional, after graduating from 3 armour hospital is engaged in the clinical medical work in the mainland for more than 20 years, the community general practitioners work for 6 years and accumulated rich clinical experience, has been to Beijing university with a courtyard, cuhk with a courtyard, studying at chronic disease diagnosis and treatment and community management; Analysis and treatment of complicated diseases; As well as the diagnosis and treatment of senile diseases, in the spirit of enthusiasm, careful and patient service purpose, the utmost help the elderly to relieve the pain, to the family's concern!

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