Care for healthiness, continuous nursing

Improve the physical fitness of the elderly


  • Medical security
  • Daily life
  • Nutritious diet
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Nursing and Rehabilitation

1. Linkage with 3A medical institutions: 

Linkage with surrounding 3A medical institutions, launch and develop service of regular visit by famous doctors and experts, safeguard the medical treatment needs of the elderly.  

2. Green channel for hospital treatment:

Construct more green channel with many surrounding hospitals, provide convenient and effective referral service to facilitate transfer among hospitals, ensure more guarantees for life safety.

3.Companion for medical treatment:

Provide escort service to the elderly in need, assist the elderly in proper custody and use of drugs, conduct observation and make records of the elderly's illness condition, and communicate with the family of the elderly in a timely and accurate manner.

4. In-house medical institutions:

There is an internal infirmary or nursing center, the bedside call system is available 24 hours a day ready to respond instantly all times, providing refined nursing services around the clock day and night to meet the needs of elderly care.

5. Western Medicine Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation physicians tailor make rehabilitation programmes according to the physical condition of the elderly, and rehabilitation therapists assist the elderly in implementing the plan to help them rebuild a healthy lifestyle.

6. Traditional Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy:

Professional physiotherapists use acupuncture, massage, cupping, scraping and moxibustion and other TCM physiotherapy methods to help the elderly in adjusting blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, promote the repair of cell tissue, and improve immunization function.

1. Family style warm setting:

The living room has a beautiful environment, quiet and warm, built-in multi-functional automatic bed, TV wall, wardrobe, toilet and other facilities, family-style warm set up, in order for the elderly to quickly adapt to the environment.

2. Emotional interaction of family members:

Pay close attention to the emotional needs of the elderly, assist the elderly to communicate with their families by telephone and video, communicate with the families on a daily basis about the elderly's state and situation in hospital, establish 'home' and 'hospital' heart-to-heart catenation.

3. Privacy Protection:

Pay attention to the privacy protection of the elderly, keep the information of the elderly confidential, knock on the door to remind before entering the private field of the elderly, protect the privacy rights of the elderly, and make the life of the elderly more dignified.

4. Intelligent monitoring equipment:

When the elderly encounter difficulties or there is a sudden unexpected situation, everyone can keep abreast of the situation in a timely manner and quickly take effective measures to solve the problem for the elderly 24-hour in a substantive manner.

5. Investigation and management of environmental risk factors:

Pay attention to the management and inspection of safety in the hospital, regularly check the building facilities, check the environmental risk factors, eliminate the safety hazards, escort the safety of the elderly, and reassure their offspring.

1. Seasonal and timely meals:

Senior nutritionists prepare healthy recipes based on the physical condition of the elderly, ingredients are adjusted according to time and season, and the 24 solar term menu is formulated to let the elderly enjoy delicious tastes.

2. Customized for individuals:

According to the physical function needs of the elderly, we cater differentiated food and beverage such as low salt, low sugar, vegetarian food, etc. if there is a special need, we can also provide diabetic meals, gout meals, vegetarian food, etc. for the elderly.

3. Inquiry by chef before and after meal

Pay attention to not only the dietary nutrition, but also the preferences of the elderly, before and after the meals, fellow chefs ask the elderly about their dining feelings, make records, timely adjustments, so as to enhance the appetite of the elderly, ensure the safety of dining, and guarantee nutritional health.

1. Spiritual Comfort:

Emphasize humanistic care, pay attention to the emotional needs of the elderly, encourage the elderly to express themselves bravely, provide psychological counselling, and assist the elderly to 'recognize' personal values and 'build' personal self-confidence. 

2. Volunteer Service:

The Joint Social Work team introduced volunteer services, organized cultural and entertainment performances, and established a cultural exchange platform for the elderly to enrich their daily life, let the elderly harvest the love and warmth from the society.

3. Birthday Party:

Elaborately plan the birthday welcome party, invite the elderly's families in advance, meet the social needs of the elderly, let the elderly harvest blessings, feel full of happiness, and enhance the happy mood index of the elderly.

4. Season’s Greetings:

Prepare intimate small gifts and little surprises for the elderly at new year and every festival, send season’s greetings, let the elderly harvest joys at any time, feel the happiness of being cared for, truly respect and love the elderly.

5. Therapeutic group activity:

Regularly organize various types of therapeutic group activities to improve the health condition of the elderly, slow down the functional degradation of the elderly, alleviate the anxiety of the elderly, enhance the elderly’s awareness of disease prevention and treatment, and help cultivate good living habits. 

6. Sharing the joyous club:

Provide leisure, entertainment and health education to the elderly, so that they can broaden their knowledge, enrich their lives, edify their sentiments, and enable the elderly to learn, do something and enjoy during their old ages.

1. Skin Care:

Actively pay attention to the skin health of the elderly, do a good job in cleaning daily, keep the skin clean and soothing, prevent various skin diseases, alleviate any additional unnecessary pain of the elderly, and improve the quality of life.

2. Sleep management:

Continuously make records of the sleep status of the elderly, understand the sleep information, sleep beliefs, sleep habits, and insomnia degree etc. of the elderly, adjust for sleep disorders, and improve sleep quality.

3. Pain management:

For the common pain symptoms of the elderly, apply classified relief measures and other professional treatments: utilizing physical therapy, occupational therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, etc. to alleviate the pain at various parts of the elderly's body, and improve the physical comfort and psychological pleasure of the elderly. 

4. Health Records:

Establish a life map for the elderly, obtain personal health information, proactively pursue health status, carry out disease prevention and management, analyze health condition, and reduce the risk of infection and illness.

5. Regular measurement:

Pay attention to the basic vital signs of the elderly's body, discover potential symptoms, make advance judgments, prevent disease deterioration, enhance medical effects, reduce the risk of lesions, and safeguard the health of the elderly.

6. Safety protection:

Pay attention to the safety protection of the elderly, achieve the “four-no” principle of 'no pressure sores, no falling off the bed, no hurts of fall down, no scalding burns', and monitor the action trajectory of the elderly with Alzheimer's disease to order to fully protect their daily safety.

7. Finger-ventral management:

The nursing staff trims the nails regularly, the finger pulp operation is used throughout the nursing process to avoid injuries caused to the elderly by the nails, so as to increase the comfort and safety of the elderly.

8. Appearance and Grooming:

Assist the elderly to do daily cleaning, tidy up makeup, ensure that the elderly are 'three-short and six-clean', and enhance the spiritual outlook of the elderly.

9. Pharmaceutical Management:

According to the doctor's advice, prudently implement drug management, ensure the safety of medication for the elderly, do a proper job of 'three inspections and seven verifications', and eliminate operational errors.

10. Foot Care:

Pay attention to the foot health of the elderly, help the elderly to clean daily, trim nails regularly, do a good job in foot health care, reduce foot disease, and protect the 'second heart' of the elderly.

Care for healthiness . Day care

Improve the physical fitness of the elderly.




"10 hours" (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) day care service program ( can apply for an extension if necessary), according to the health status of the elderly, to provide the elderly who is in need of the similar quality level of high-end care services for the elderly under the continuous care program, so that the elderly can enjoy a comprehensive and high-quality healthy life, enabling the elderly to be cared for, to do something of their favourites, to learn and to enjoy during their old ages.

Care for healthiness . Short-term care

Enhance the physical fitness of the elderly

Provide a scientific place for rehabilitation and exercise.
Provide a scientific place for rehabilitation and exercise.

The Shared Home places great importance to the health of the elderly, setting up many rehabilitation treatment areas, multi-sensory treatment areas, etc. as well as engaging a professional medical team ready to serve the elderly. The elderly can carry out scientific rehabilitation exercises here, avoiding the problems related to difficulties in searching for and employing nursing personnels, unprofessionalism, and so on. 

Professional customized services, to enhance the quality of life for the elderly.
Professional customized services, to enhance the quality of life for the elderly.

The Shared Home can provide family with a rest period to allow for adjustments to mental and physical health as well as dealing with various other affairs. For example, the Shared Home will organize an evaluation expert team to conduct professional health assessment, tailor make <>, <>, etc., furthermore to formulate <> for every elderly resident, treasuring every bit of joy and preserving precious memories, so as to improve the quality of life for the elderly.

Enrich the diversity of
Enrich the diversity of "respite services" and develop hobbies

In addition to providing the elderly a place of stay and having someone to take care of, the 'respite service' is more to meet the demand other than the actual needs of caring and nursing, the mental health, techniques for caring, training of caring skill and other aspects require great attention too.

The staff of the Sharing Community can provide spiritual solicitude and various recreational activities for the elderly, for instance, gathering the elderly to chat about the War of Resistance Against Japanese invasion, reminiscing the stories of their youth, playing square dancing, playing fun games, and so on. While accompanying the elderly, they develop personal interests and hobbies, alleviate the sense of loss and anxiety the elderly are suffering from, and enable the elderly to enjoy a wonderful old life.